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MJJC International Co., Limited

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MJJC International Co., Limited was established in 1980 with its original name Factory of Tools when China just had opened its gate to the outside world.
With about 30-year experience of manufactturing foam guns and other tools, MJJC International Co., Limited has become one of the most well-known foam gun supplier and manufacturer in China.
In 1990, MJJC International Co., Limited moved its factory of foam guns to Chinese mainland. Since then, MJJC International Co., Limited has always put quality and safety as its first priority in development while guaranteeing production efficiency of foam guns at the lowest cost. In that way, its foam guns are characteristiced by good quality,  low prices, high efficiency and high popularity. Also, MJJC International Co., Limited puts great deal of energy and capital in humanity and unity construction, which makes it leading foam gun supplier in china.
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